EnglishDirectory.DE Terms and Conditions

1. General

1.1. Terms and conditions

1.1.1. By subscribing to EnglishDirectory.DE internet services, the User acknowledges that they accept these terms and conditions.
1.1.2. These terms and conditions are made available free of charge in a way that allows the acquisition, restoration and preservation of the terms and conditions by the communication system used by the User.
1.1.3. The Administrator provides services under these terms and conditions.

1.2. Glossary

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, the following terms have the following meanings:
1.2.1. Administrator – ENTERPRISE EAST Limited, a company by shares organised and existing under the laws of the United Kingdom, trading as “EnglishDirectory.DE”,
1.2.2. Electronic address – designation of the communication system that enables communication by means of electronic communication, particularly e-mail;
1.2.3. Commercial Information – any information intended directly or indirectly to the promotion of services or image of a business, with the exception of information that allows communication with the means of communication electronically with a specific person and information about goods and services trade not serving the desired effect is reached by an entity that arranges the distribution, in particular without pay or other benefits from manufacturers, vendors and service providers;
1.2.4. Spam – all kinds of messages, sent messages, and materials without the consent of the Administrator or other users;
1.2.5. IT System – a set of IT equipment and software, which provides processing and storage, as well as sending and receiving data through telecommunication networks with the appropriate network for the type of terminal equipment within the meaning of the Act of 16 July 2004 Telecommunications Law (Journal of Laws No. 171, item 1800 of the year 2004);
1.2.6. Service – this website with all the scripts and programs serving to perform our services;

1.3. General Information and technical

1.3.1. Service offers the following types of services provided by electronic means:
a. information services,
b. communication services.
1.3.2. Using the Service is possible via computer and other equipment to enable browsing of the Internet, with appropriate software, including a web browser. This web site has been optimised for HTML web standards as described by the web standards body World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) on their web site www.w3.org.

1.4. Using the Services

1.4.1. Use and registration of the Service is voluntary and payable. In order to use the Service you must accept and obey the terms and conditions.
1.4.2. Administrator reserves the right to send Users Commercial Information and placing advertising content in the forms used on the Internet.

1.5. Liability

1.5.1. Using the Service is at the sole risk of the User. The administrator does not provide any guarantee of correct operation of the Service, its completeness, and usefulness of its objectives.
1.5.2. Administrator is not responsible in particular for:
a. any damage caused by improper User writing or reading news and web sites;
b. the content of advertisements placed in the Service;
c. Spam, Viruses, Trojan horses, and other risks associated with the Internet community;
d. the interruption of the Service arising from causes beyond the control of the Administrator, in particular, for technical reasons, such as maintenance, replacement of equipment, inspection or for reasons of force majeure, particularly strikes, war, flood, fire, etc.;
e. any damages, including, in particular, the loss of data due to technical malfunction resulting from any causes beyond the control of the Administrator;
f. damage caused by a User action in accordance with these terms and conditions or the applicable laws, as well as improper use of the Service.

1.6. Threats

1.6.1. The Administrator also notes that the use of electronic services is associated with environmental risks typical of the Internet, such as:
(a) Spam;
(b) Viruses;
(c) Trojan Horses,
(d) Hacking attacks.
1.6.2. The Administrator shall take action to eliminate threats identified in paragraph 1, in particular by:
(a) controlling files on the server, carrying out anti-virus and malware detection and monitoring the actions of third parties;
(b) preventing the dissemination of Spam.

1.7. Copyright

1.7.1. This Service is owned by the Administrator. All trademarks, service marks and names that are given on this page are owned by the Administrator. Service materials contained in the text, graphics and solutions are protected by law, in particular the provisions of the Act of 4 February 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights (Journal of Laws No. 24, item. 83), except the materials, graphic and trademarks displayed in particular listings, which belong to and / or are registered by their owners.
1.7.2. Service, as well as its individual components cannot be modified, copied, distributed or published for commercial purposes unless the Administrator has given its written consent.
1.7.3. During visiting the Service User is solely responsible for the infringing conduct and for any damage as a result of such conduct, also against third parties.
1.7.4. All the characters in this Service and brand names, or trademarks belong to and / or are registered by their owners and are used for informational purposes only, which is not to be construed as granting any license or right to use them.

1.8. Privacy

1.8.1. The administrator of your personal information is Administrator. Registration on the Service is equivalent to consent to the storage and processing of my personal data, to the extent specified in this terms and conditions.
1.8.2. Administrator processes personal information to the extent necessary to provide services, as well as for marketing purposes. The processing of personal data is consistent, under the conditions specified in detail in:
a. the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws No. 144, item. 1204);
b. the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws No. 133, item. 883);
c. Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 29 April 2004 on personal data processing documentation and technical and organisational conditions which should be fulfilled by devices and systems used for the processing of personal data (Journal of Laws No. 100, item. 1024);
1.8.3. Administrator processes the following personal data of Users:
a. user name,
b. e-mail,
c. the information contained in the system logs – for technical and statistical purposes,
d. if the Administrator receives information about the use of the services provided by electronic means in breach of the terms and conditions or the applicable regulations (unauthorised use), the Administrator may process User personal information to the extent necessary to determine the responsibility of the User.
1.8.4. The User has the rights set out in the legislation referred to in paragraph. 2, including in particular:
a. access to their personal data;
b. to require the supplement, update, or correct personal data, temporarily or permanently suspended or erased, if they are incomplete, outdated, incorrect or collected in violation of the law or are no longer required for the purpose for which it was collected,
1.8.5. Service Applications may use “cookies” to customise content to suit the needs and interests of users.

2. Submission and implementation of the business directory and classifieds service

2.1. Service

2.1.1. Subject to this terms and conditions the User hereby retains the Administrator to perform the Service.
2.1.2. The Administrator shall furnish the User with his best advice, information, judgement and knowledge with respect to all provided services.
2.1.3. Service levels are dependent on the selected service offering. Service Offerings are published on the web site EnglishDirectory.DE or available from the Enterprise East office.
2.1.4. Service offerings are subject to change.
2.1.5. Contact details will be agreed at the time of registration for Service.
2.1.6. The User assumes full responsibility and liability for the result of any actions taken based on recommendations, research, references or any other information provided by the Provider, or as a result of actions carried out or inaction, by the Provider on behalf of the User.

2.2. Payment

2.2.1. Business Directory and Classifieds listings are made available free of charge or by pre-payment.

2.3. Termination

This agreement shall terminate upon request of either EnglishDirectory.DE or the User.

3. Final clauses

3.1. Reference
In matters not covered by these terms and conditions, relevant provisions of law are generally applicable.
3.2. Changing the terms and conditions
3.2.1. The Administrator reserves the right to change the rules and principles of operation of the Service at any time. Amendments to the terms and conditions come into force on the day they are published on the website EnglishDirectory.DE.
3.2.2. After changes to the terms and conditions, the Administrator will notify Users by posting the relevant information on the web site.
3.3. Termination and change of business
The Administrator reserves the right to change any services, tools, and operation of the Service, including the removal of any of the information, files and materials, cessation of activities, the transfer of rights to the web site and take all actions permitted by law relating to the Service. The User is not entitled to claims against the Administrator.
3.4. Entry into force
Terms and conditions come into force on the date of publication.

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