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Tips on how to use the EnglishDirectory.DE site

Using the business directory

The business directory has three levels, Categories, Subcategories, and Listings. For example:
Translation -> Sworn Translators -> Translate-it4U Sp. z o.o..

finding a business or service

You can then either:
1 – select the Category or the Subcategory. Listings will appear in Excerpt form. Selecting one of the presented listings will bring up the full listing, including contact details, information, pictures and map, and giving reviews of the provider.
2 – use the search box. This will search all listings (but not Category names).

Enhanced search engine optimisation

Business premium listings receive a huge benefit with our enhanced SEO service. For example, if you are an accountant service, we can apply your chosen keywords, e.g. “Accountant Berlin” and optimise your directory listing in order that it comes up as high as possible in Google / Bing / Yahoo searches. After applying an optimised page title, URL and meta information, we can provide feedback with our SEO tool to recommend further SEO enhancements should you wish to optimise the text further.

Banner advertising options

If you buy advertising from an individual outside your country who is not a company, you are liable to pay withholding tax to your government? You are safe with us.

A number of banner advertising options exist. In order of value:

  • 01 Main page header, all pages, mobile front-screen
  • 02 Main page header, all pages, mobile front-screen
  • 03 Sidebar position 1 top, all pages except home
  • 04 Sidebar position 2 bottom, all pages except home
  • 05 Business directory position 1 below-menu left
  • 06 Business directory position 2 below-menu right
  • 07 Forums position 1 below-menu left
  • 08 Forums position 2 below-menu right
  • 09 Classifieds position 1 below-menu left
  • 10 Classifieds position 2 below-menu right

Unless otherwise specified, appropriate to zone banners must be 220x65 or 320x65 in dimension, and must be PNG, JPG or GIF, with a maximum 48kB in size. Animated GIF is acceptable to a maximum of 24kB in size.

Contact us for pricing on info@EnglishDirectory.DE

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