Zahn und Art Ostrau

Güterbahnhofstrasse 9, Ostrau, Sachsen

+49 343 242 18 62

There is no way for 'no way' - there's always a way!

Our experienced team offers you the best support, comprehensive help and the atmosphere of trust.

Our services include:

  • general dental treatment
  • dental surgery
  • professional teeth cleaning
  • comprehensive root and gum treatment
  • dental implants
  • preparation of dentures in our own dental laboratory.

If necessary, we will put you under general anaesthesia, sedation or twilight sleep. We also offer a special treatment for children in a specially designed room.

We offer our help to both national health and private patients.

Call us, arrange a visit online or just chat with us – we are here for you!

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Zahn und Art

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