LaserTag Hanau

Willy-Brandt-Straße 23, Hanau, Hessen

+49 618 129 492 42

LaserTag – The new Trend in the world of sports

LaserTag is a modern version of “cops and robbers”, a game that we all know from our childhood. You are going to rediscover your energy here. Compete in our futuristic arenas, with and against each other! Be clever – Be on your own or in a team, improve your reflexes and find your strategy to be always one step ahead! Tag all your friends or colleagues, score the most points and win the game! Especially team matches re-enforce your social, strategic andlogical ways of thinking, as well as your coordination and communication skills. Play LaserTag and boost your team spirit! Chase each other in different arenas and different scenarios:

  • Team Duel
  • Highlander
  • Zombie
  • Free for all (FFA)
  • Samurai
  • Switch

More information about these game scenarios can be found on our website.

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